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ICOM National Committees

Russian National Committee of ICOM (ICOM Russia)

Russian National Committee of ICOM (ICOM Russia) is a part of ICOM since 1957, when National committee of Soviet Union was established. In 1991 ICOM Soviet Union was reorganized in several National committees, including ICOM Russia. Starting from 1960-s ICOM Russia regularly holds International conference and ICOM International committee meetings. XI ICOM General Conference in May 1977 was one of biggest museum events held in Soviet Union (Leningrad and Moscow). It gathered more than 1500 participants from 89 countries. Exactly during that ICOM General Conference International Museum Day was established on initiative of Irina Antonova, ICOM Honorary member.

Now ICOM Russia unites about 300 Russian museums and more than 10 000 museum specialists from Russian museums work with ICOM Russia.

Today ICOM Russia holds about 15 conferences, seminars and workshops of different level every year. As well ICOM Russia is co-founder and co-organizer of the International museum festival “Intermuseum” which we are holding every year since 1999. It gathers more than 200 museums and about 2000 participants

German National Committee of ICOM (ICOM Germany)

German National Committee of ICOM (ICOM Germany) was founded in 1953. With over 5.000 members ICOM Germany is the largest national committee of ICOM and the largest museum organization in Germany. Since 1979 ICOM Germany organizes joint meetings and conferences on international themes with other national and international committees of ICOM. Annual meetings of the committee usually take place outside of Germany. In 2014 the meeting will be arrange in the framework of the Museum & Politics conference.

ICOM National Committee for the United States (ICOM-US)

ICOM National Committee for the United States (ICOM-US), for US museums and museum professionals, is the gateway to accessing ICOM's specialized committees, resources, and other member benefits. The role of ICOM-US is to promote and facilitate membership in ICOM among museums and museum professional workers in the United States, and represent and advocate for U.S. museums' international interests and perspectives within ICOM.
Like every other country, in the early years of ICOM the US national committee was limited to fifteen active members, generally directors of major museums. In the late 1960s the US National Committee reached an agreement with the American Association of Museums (AAM) to assume responsibility for its operations. In 1971, the committee became known as “AAM/ICOM.” In 1977, AAM established a separate board for AAM/ICOM, with some delegated authority, but it was structured as an “interlocking” and largely advisory body to the AAM board.

In November 2011, the US National Committee separated from AAM and resumed operations as an independent organization. This successful transition has been led by the ICOM US Advisory Board and the two co-chairs, Elizabeth Duggal and Diana Pardue. ICOM US is current applying for nonprofit status under US laws and this should be completed in mid-2014. Since 2011, ICOM US membership has continued to flourish with membership now at an all-time high of over 1200 members.

The goal of ICOM-US is to facilitate and increase US museum professionals’ participation in the world wide cultural community. The US has the largest number of museums (about 17,500) and largest museum workforce (over 25,000 people) in the world. Many of these professionals participate in AAM and our goal is for US professionals to also understand the complimentary benefits of the global ICOM organization. Today, museum conversations, exchanges and collaborations extend well beyond national boundaries. And there is a growing recognition that the precious global natural and cultural heritage we all share is regularly being threatened by natural disasters and social and political change. It is our collective responsibility to safeguard and conserve these assets for future generations.