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To visit Russia, foreign citizens should get a Russian visa. Visa-free option is only possible for the citizens of several countries. List of such countries you may find on the following web page:

Before your trip we suggest to clarify visa information directly at the Russian embassy or consulate in your home country.

List of Russian embassies and consulates around the world you may find on the official web page of the Russian Ministry of Foreign


In order to get the Russian visa, the first thing you need is an invitation (visa support letter).

The service agent “AIS Ltd” provides the delegates with visa support documents (invitation letter and tourist voucher) necessary for obtaining an aim or a specific tourism visa.

This kind of visa is a tourism visa for specific purposes such as attending the conferences, congresses, exhibitions and meetings.

Visa will be issued by the Russian Consulate for a period indicated in visa support documents.

Visa support documents will contain delegates’ personal and travel details submitted to “AIS Ltd” agency.

In some cases if the delegate brings the equipment, we can provide him with a business invitation.

Please see the information on types of invitation that we offer below:

1) Aim tourism invitation (less than 30 days of stay in Russia)
We offer a single entry invitation for the dates of stay in a hotel.
The issuing period: 1–2 working days. Necessary documents:

  • scanned copy of the passport (main page, good quality)
  • completed application form

Price: 1030 RUR plus cost of delivery of the invitation to participant in some cases*.
*In most cases a copy of invitation is sufficient for applying for a tourist visa. Please clarify at the Russian Embassy or Consulate directly whether you need the original copy of invitation or not.

Deadline for request: 1 month prior to event date

Bonus! Aim tourism visa support is free, if guest makes the hotel booking through “AIS Ltd.” agency.

Bonus! Aim tourism visa support is free, if guest makes the hotel booking through “AIS Ltd.” agency.

2) Business invitation (more than 30 days up to 90 days of stay in Russia)
We offer a short-term business invitation in original (hard copy), validity: 1- 3 months, single or double entry.
The issuing period: from 8 to 16 working days
Necessary documents:

  • scanned copy of the passport (main page)
  • completed application form:

Price: 4650 RUR plus cost of delivery of the invitation to participant. Deadline for request: 1,5 month prior to event dateStep-by-step Russian visa application guide below:

Step 1: Get the Invitation from us (AIS Ltd. Agency visa department) or any other Visa Support agency

  • Provide us with a scanned copy of your passport and completed application form which you may find on event website.

While completing the form please indicate the details of your trip (dates of stay, hotel name, event name etc.) Step 2: Apply for a Russian visa

Step 2: Apply for a Russian visa
Once you have your invitation from us (visa support department), you need to take this invitation along with the following documents:

  1. valid travel passport (it must be valid no less than 6 months after the visa expiration date)
  2. two photos (of the applicant)
  3. health insurance
  4. consular fee

and visit Russian Consulate. You can apply for the visa at a Russian consulate either by yourself or through a local travel agent (for an extra fee).
For more details on required documents please contact the Russian Consulate in your country.

Attention. All foreign citizens arriving to Russia have to fill in a migration card while passing through customs. Migration cards will be given to foreigner guests before crossing the border (in airplanes, trains, buses, ships, etc.). Please be careful while filling in this migration card and keep this card secure until your departure from Russia.

According to Russian legislation all foreign citizens should be registered within 7 working days of their arrival at a hotel. In general the hotel takes care of this registration and guests should not be worried about this issue. For additional information please contact “AIS Ltd.” visa support department by email