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Sverdlovsk regional museum of local lore

Sverdlovsk regional museum of local lore is one of oldest and biggest museums of Urals. It was created on 29th of December 1870 on initiative of the group of intelligent inhabitants of Yekaterinburg. In 1970-80-s museum became the big union of museums – it has united more than 11 specialized museums and museums in different cities of the region. In 1990-s Museum received a status of the regional center for restorers’ education. In 2013 museum created the Center of innovational museum technologies.

Nowadays museum is a methodological center for the Central Urals museums and actively works with museums from other regions. Museum realizes active exhibition activity and involves partners from different museums of Russia, Germany, USA, France, Israel and others.

Museum has ten branches in Yekaterinburg and six of them are open for the public:

  1. Museum and exhibition center (Poklevsky-Kozell house) – Malusheva str., 46;
  2. Museum of history and archeology of Ural – Lenina ave., 69;
  3. Natural history museum – Gorkogo str., 4;
  4. Museum of radio named after Popov with planetarium – Rose Luxemburg str., 9;
  5. Museum of gardening – Oktabrskoy revolutsii str., 40;
  6. Museum of Ernst Neizvestniy – Dobrolubova str., 14;
  7. Science library, department of rare books and archive - Lenina ave., 69;
  8. Restoration workshops - Lenina ave., 69;
  9. Depository – Siberial ave., 34;
  10. Museum of peasants life – Sakko and Vantsetti str., 28 – under reconstruction

As well museum has ten branches in the Sverdlovsk region:

  1. Alapaevski museum of local lore
  2. Alapaevski memorial house-museum of Pyotr Tchaekovsky;
  3. Artinsky historical museum;
  4. Historical museum of Asbest;
  5. Museum of gold (Berezovski city);
  6. Historical museum of Polevskoy city;
  7. Museum of history of agriculture and peasants life in Pyshma;
  8. Sysertski museum of local lore;
  9. Decembrists house-museum in Turin;
  10. Turin museum of local lore.

Museum collection consists of more than 700 000 objects.

Collection highlights:

  • Big Shigirsky idol (the oldest wooden sculpture 9500 years old);
  • Personal library of Tatishev

Director of the museum – Natalia Vetrova, ex-minister of culture of Sverdlovsk region.

Official web-site of the Sverdlovsk regional museum of local lore