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Dates Season 2014 / 13.09.2014 – 17.09.2014
Route St. Petrsburg – Gatchina – Pskov – Pushkinskie Gory – Staraja Russa – Valdaj – Vyshnij Volochek – Torzhok – Tver - Moscow
Group 150 adults (Russia) – Minimal group 40-45 persons.

Day Date Time Program
1 13.09.14
07:30 Departure from St. Petersburg.
Arrival in Gatchina.
Visit Gatchina Palace and walk in the Park.
Trip to Pskov.
Arrival in Pskov, one of the oldest Russian cities. First mentioned in Chronicles at 903 year, with the legendary names of Princess Olga and Prince Igor. Today Pskov is a city-Museum, which preserved the unique monuments of history and culture of XII-XVIII centuries. Tour to the Kremlin. Visit the Trinity fortress, according to legend, founded by Princess Olga.
Accommodation in the hotel " Rizhskaja"
Dinner buffet. Free time.

Day Date Time Program
2 14.09.14
Breakfast buffet.
Transfer to Pushkinskie Gory
Excursion on a Museum-reserve of A.S. Pushkin: the farmstead "Mikhailovskoye" and "Trigorskoye". You will visit the estate of Mikhailovskoye - family estate of Hannibal-Pushkin. Here the poet happened in different periods of life and spent two "disgraced" years. The manor is surrounded by an ancient Park with artificial ponds, with the famous Linden and Spruce alleys, sources of inspiration of the poet. In " Mikhailovskoye" was written chapters of the novel " Evgenij Onegin",drama "Boris Godunov" and many lyrical poems. Trigorskoye is estate of the poet's friends Osipov-Wulf. Transfer to Petrovsokye. Excursion "Visit to the Arap of Peter the Great" in estate Petrovskoye. The village of Petrovskoe center of the entire estate, granted to Pushkin's great-grandfather A.P. Hannibal - famous "Arap of Peter the Great, by Empress Elizabeth in 1742 year. The manor is located on the shore of lake Kuchaneh, surrounded by a beautiful Park. Petrovsky Museums tell about the history of the family of Hannibal, about the origin and the amazing life of the founder of the genus - A.P. Hannibal, his son Peter and grandson Veniamin. Excursion by two manor houses-museums of Hannibal’s, walk through unique for its natural panoramas Petrovskiy Park manor. A visit to the Svyatogorsk Holy Dormition of male monastery with the examination of the assumption Cathedral, the walls of which is sacred to every Russian tomb of Alexander Pushkin.
Transfer to Staraja Russa - the ancient city of Novgorod Veche Republic, which attracts with unique comfort of its streets, alleys, old houses, ancient temples.
Accommodation in the hotel « Polist' ». Dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Day Date Time Program
3 15.09.14
Breakfast buffet.
Excursion on house-Museum of F. M. Dostoevsky. Dostoevsky came to Staraya Russa in 1872, and in eight years this city was for him and his family with a permanent resting place. In the house-Museum are genuine articles, documents and books that belonged to the writer. Here were written the novels "the Brothers Karamazov" and “ Daemons”. Sightseeing tour of Staraya Russa. Staraya Russa is one of the oldest Russian towns, founded on the great water route "from the Varangians to the Greeks". During the tour you will see the Voskresenskaya Cathedral, St. George's Church with the miraculous icon of the Mother of God "Staraya Russa", Trinity Church of the XVII century, visit the resort "Staraya Russa" (the oldest health resort in the North-West Russia with mineral springs and the famous Muravyevsky fountain height up to 10 meters).
Transfer to Valdaj - fabulous place among the vast ancient Russian forests and picturesque hills. Valdai first sight will enchant and amaze, no wonder it is often called "little Switzerland".
Sightseeing city tour, during which You will learn about the main attractions of the city, and with it the "pearl" - Valdai lake. Excursion in the country's only Museum of bells. Low and high, thick and heavy, light, sad and funny, their voices all the Nations of the world at all times been perceived as a gift from heaven - healing, uplifting, protect his family, his house. You will find a fascinating excursion into the history of the Russian bells, you will learn when they appeared and the service life of bells. The uniqueness of the Museum that you can not only listen to the bells, but even ring the bells. Visit Valdaysky Iveron Svjatoozerskaja male monastery mother of God , founded in 1653 in honor of the Iberian icon of the Mother of God and located on the beautiful island in the middle of the Valdai lake. Created by Patriarch Nikon, in the image of the Iveron monastery in mount Athos, the monastery was the idea of the continuity of Russia's Byzantine heritage of spiritual culture, was the center of tile production, wood carving and stone. In the monastery there is a particle of the relics of St. Iakova Borovichskogo - Novgorod Miracle Worker.
Accommodation in the hotel “Valdaj Zori”.
Dinner. Free time.

Day Date Time Program
4 16.09.14
Breakfast buffet.
Transfer to Vyshnij Volochek - the city of seven Islands, "Russian Venice" it is often called Vyshniy Volochek.
Sightseeing city tour "City on the ancient trail". The unique charm of the city is at a leisurely pace of architecture, quiet streets lined with wooden houses and patterned frames. You will get acquainted with the history of the unique Vyshnevolotskaya water system, created by decree of Peter I, which gives an idea of Vyshny Volochok as the city of rivers and canals. You will see the first Russian ship canal, ancient dam on the river Tsna, granite embankments, humpback bridges and picturesque island in the centre of the city.Visiting the main temple of the city - the Epiphany Cathedral. Walk on Venecianovsky park.
Transfer to Torzhok - ancient city with more than a thousand years of history is picturesquely situated on the banks of the river Tvertsa. In a small territory of Torzhok, fitted so many attractions that would be enough for a dozen cities.
Excursion to Pushkin Museum in the Olenin house in Torzhok. The tour of this Museum represents a small trip on the route St. Petersburg-Moscow in Pushkin's time. The main and most interesting object is completely recreated room of stationmaster and a hall dedicated to the estate of Olenin nobles. Pushkin was once in love with their daughterThe Museum recreates the conditions of the noble houses and public institutions of the Pushkin era: books, paintings, furniture, letters, here you can find everything connected with the great poet and his stay in Torzhok. Excursion to the Museum of gold sewing in Torzhok. Acquaintance with the only in Russia craft Gold sewing, where since XIII century, embroidered with gold and silver threads. Orders for products of local craftswomen was received from members of the Imperial house, their services were used by Catherine the great and Alexander II. You will have the opportunity to buy products of craftswomen in the company store at the factory. Sightseeing tour of the city. You will get acquainted with one of the oldest city of Volgoverkhovye will see the panorama of the city, located on the hills, ancient buildings and churches - Preobrazhensky cathedral, reviving the Borisoglebskij monastery, the wooden Church of the ascension of the XVII century, Pushkin square with the monument to the poet, the pedestrian bridge over Terzo and Tverskoy the embankment, and on the former retail space is the only monument to the architect N.A. Lvov.
Transfer to Tver
Accommodation in the hotel «Turist»
Dinner. Free time.

Day Date Time Program
5 17.09.14 WEDNESDAY Breakfast buffet.
Sightseeing tour of Tver. You will see the ancient city, which Catherine II said that "the city of Tver, after St. Petersburg, is the most beautiful city of the Empire", get acquainted with its historical centre, with its unique 3-beam system of the building, monument of Afanasij Nikitin, as well as learn why Tver New bridge is older than Old and other Tver secrets!
Transfer to Moscow
18:00 – 19:00 Estimated time of arrival in Moscow

Foreign citizens
Pskov 28 500 Rub
Hotel «Rizhskaja» Standard double room
Staraja Russa
Hotel «Polist'» Standard double room
Hotel «Valdaj Zori» Standard double room
Hotel «Turist»

Standard double room

The price includes:

  • Accommodation in hotels
  • Meals according to the program
  • Transfer
  • Qualified guide services
  • Entrance tickets to the museums according to the program.