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Sponsors & Partners

Strategic partner

START Development focuses on developing and implementing urban and countryside real estate projects, including large-scale integrated land management. The company owns and manages land assets with a total area of around 4,000 ha located in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. Presently the company is working on implementing 6 investment projects.

START Development is fulfilling the large-scale residential Yuzhny Satellite City project in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. One part of this project is construction of the Golden Keys low-rise housing community in the Gatchina District of the Leningrad Region. The company also presents the commercial real estate projects, like Doni Verevo Industrial Park (Gatchina District of the Leningrad Region). Аrea – 183 ha alongside the Kiev Highway. The land plots range in size from 1.5to 30 ha. 4 real estate projects for building shopping and entertainment centers with an area of 1.5 to 6.5 ha each.

Andrey Nazarov – General Director

Aptekarskaya Emb., 20 A, Avenue Building
197022 Saint-Petersburg Russia
Tel./fax: +7 812 3321100

General sponsor

For more than 20 years Elena and Gennady Timchenko work for charity in Russia and abroad. In Moscow in the end of 2010 in order to achieve long-term goals in the sphere of philanthropy a new charity foundation was established. Until the end of August 2013 its name was “Ladoga”. But today it has a new name – Elena and Gennady Timchenko charity foundation (in abbreviated form – “Timchenko foundation”). This foundation in its program has united all directions of family philanthropy. Timchenko foundation activities are directed at support of longevity, sport and culture development, support of families and children. These strategic aims are directed at systematic solution of the social problems in Russia.


Nature's Network -Japanese company specializing in the organization of paleontological exhibitions.
Main projects:
-2005 . Yukagir Mammoth at World exhibition "Expo-2005" in Nagoya , Japan. This Mammoth pavilion was visited by over 7 million people, including His Imperial Majesty the Emperor Ahikito.
-2013 / 2014. Yuka Mammoth Exhibitions in Yokohama (Japan) and Taipei (Taiwan).
Our mission: Discover and open to public the precious cultural and paleontological materials, research and preserve them, wich the Nature has preserved in natural frozen storage for tens of thousands of years.